World Championship of Yoga Sports 2018

1st-2nd, December, Beijing, China

World Championships 2018 —China People's Palace Hotel
Address : No.1 Zhenwumiao Road, Fuxingmen Ave, Xicheng District, Beijing, China, Postcode: 100045

Athletes Registration/ Judge Clinic/ Warm up class/ Posture Clinic—Jing Zhi Chan Yoga Academy
Address: 208Room, 13Building, Enji Hua Yuan, Wanshou Road, Haidian Dinstrict, Beijing, China. Postcode: 100142


Official Program:

Friday , November  30th, 2018

 1.00-3.00pm: Rules/Judges Clinic –  at Jing Zhi Chan Yoga Academy
WCYS18 Judges must attend (free of charge);
Shadow Judges for WCYS18 must attend and register on
Please come to the Rules/Judges Clinic with sporting rules already studied.
For better understanding of rules,recommended to all the athletes and coaches to attend.
 3.00-5.00pm: Athletes Registration and Posture Confirmation – at Jing Zhi Chan Yoga Academy
Please bring your PASSPORT for registration.
The Athletes must complete the online registration by November 6th, 2018.
The deadline for posture changes is Friday November 30th during the Athlete registration at 3pm, at Jing Zhi Chan Yoga Academy. Athletes must confirm their choices of all the Postures, eventual extra skills and less skills, and if they wish change their choices of Posture(s) from the original submission.
Saturday December 1st, 2018

 8.00am-9.30am: Warm up Class (90mins Bikram Hot Yoga by Tereza)– at Jing Zhi Chan Yoga Academy
 11.00am-6.00pm: World Championship of Yoga Sports 2018 – at China's People Palace Hotel
  • 11.00am-01.00pm: Opening and Adult Men Category
  • 01.00pm-03.00pm: Break
  • 03.00pm: Adult Women Category
Sunday December 2nd, 2018

 8.00am-9.30am: Warm up Class (90mins Bikram Hot Yoga by Ky)– at Jing Zhi Chan Yoga Academy
 11.00am-4.00pm: World Championship of Yoga Sports 2018– at China's People Palace Hotel
Book your seat on or @ reception of Jing Zhi Chan Yoga Academy
  • 11.00am-01.00pm: Openings, Youth and Senior Category

  • 01.00pm-02.30pm: Break

  • 02.30pm: Adult Category, Awards


Monday December 3rd, 2018

 9.00-11.00am: IYSF meetings – at Jing Zhi Chan Yoga Academy
 12.00-05.30pm: Posture Clinic – at Jing Zhi Chan Yoga Academy
  • 12.00-1.30pm: 90mins Bikram Beginning Class by Xiang Li
  • 2.00-05.30pm: Posture Clinic by Dev

      Upper spine/Shoulder mobility and Straight arm strength   
      Hips/Twisting and Bent Arm Strength

Each Country is permitted to send up to 6 qualified athletes to the WCYS in Beijing.
The first 3 placed Athletes from both 2017 and 2018 automatically qualify. If the same Athletes qualified in the both years then the 4th placed Athlete from 2018 and the 4th placed Athlete from 2017 are eligible for qualification. Subsequently the 5th placed Athletes from both years are eligible and so on, until 6 qualified Athletes per division have been chosen to represent their country at the 2018 WCYS in Beijing. 


Athletes must hand over Athlete's Oath,  Coach's Oath and Passport/ID
Important Notice: From Sporting rules: REG. 6.2.1 CHOICE AND SUBMISSION OF ALL THE POSTURES
In IYSF International Competitions, if an Athlete intends to perform an Optional Posture that is not listed in the Official Approved List of Postures in the SR, the Athlete must submit the Posture and have it approved by the IYSF Technical Committee ( at least 2 weeks prior to the day on which the Event begins. If the Posture is not submitted as described, the score for the Posture will be zero.
Athletes who qualify for the second day - Finals can change their postures within 10 minutes after final scores posted and posture change deadline announced by MC.
If for whatever reason an Athlete decides to change their Posture on the day of Competition the following procedures must take place: 1. Up to 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the Competition, the Athletes, Accredited Coach or representative go the NF must contact the Head Judge and submit the change of posture. The Head Judge must then pass on the information to the Tabulator. 2. If the 30 minutes' time limit has elapsed, the Athlete may change the choice of Posture during the routine by audibly calling the name of the Posture in English before the execution of the Posture. Only Postures from the Approved List of Postures can be called during a last minute change and must be correctly called. If the Athletes fails to do so or miscalls the Posture, the posture will be scored 0.

Two days Entrance Ticket:   One Day:$30   Two Days:$40
Athletes Adult/Senior Registration:   $120
Athletes Youth Registration:   $60
Rules/Judges Clinic:   $150
Party/Dinner:   TSB
Posture Clinic:   $150
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