Asian Yoga Sports Championships

The Asian Yoga Sports Championship was founded by the Asian Yoga Sports Federation, an affiliate of the International Yoga Sports Federation. The Asian Yoga Sports Championship is held annually in its member country in Asia. The aim of AYSF is promoting awareness of Yoga Sports in Asia, and to assistant IYSF developing Yoga Sports in to an official Olympic Sport.
On 7th May, 2017, China Yoga Sports Federation host the 2nd Asian Yoga Sports Championship in Beijing. The rules and regulations of the competitions are aligned with the International Yoga Sports Federation. Athletes are divided into Youth Division, Adult Division and Senior Division, with each division having a separate Men's and Women's group. Judges come from Singapore, China, Australia, and India.
On November 29, 2018, China Yoga Sports Federation will assist International Yoga Sports Federation in Yoga Athletes wishing to participate in the World Championship. Any Asian country that does not have their National Yoga Sports Championship, the Athletes could register on 29th November, compete at China Yoga Sports Championship to qualify for World Championship of Yoga Sports 2018. Registration and Championships information please check

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