China Yoga Sports Championships

The China Yoga Sports Championship (CYSC) is organized by the China Yoga Sports Federation (CYSF).  On 29th November, 2018, the second CYSC will be taking place in Beijing. CYSF has established and maintains the ethical principles and good governance of CYSC. CYSF aims to have more people knowing, practicing, and loving yoga sports, and enjoying healthy and natural lifestyles through viewing and participating in yoga sports competitions. The championships are divided into Youth division, Adult division and Senior division. Each division is separated into Men's and Women's groups. The champions of each group are qualified to represent the Chinese team in the following Asian Yoga Sports Championships and World Championship of Yoga Sports, and also will enjoy participating in the top world yoga sports events with people from all over the world.


China Yoga Sports Championship 2018

Official Schedule:

Time: Thursday, November 29th, 2018

9:00-10:30 Warm-up class

12:00-15:00 China Yoga Sports Championship

Venue: Jing Zhi Chan Yoga Academy (map)

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