World Championship of Yoga Sports 2018
The World Championship of Yoga Sports is initiated by International Yoga Sports Federation (IYSF. It was founded in 2003 in the city of Los Angeles. IYSF aims to govern this organization with the sole mission of promoting, unifying, and increasing awareness of Yoga Asana globally, and to develop Yoga Sports in to an official Olympic Sport. Currently, there are 30 countries have become Exclusive National Member Federations.
Asian Yoga Sports Championships
Asian Yoga Sports Championship was initiated by Asian Yoga Sports Federation, an affiliate of the International Yoga Sports Federation. The Asian Yoga Sports Championship would be held annually in its member country in Asia . The aim of AYSF is promoting awareness of Yoga Sports in Asia, to assistant IYSF developing Yoga Sports in to an official Olympic Sport.
China Yoga Sports Championships
The China Yoga Sports Championship (CYSC) is organized by the China Yoga Sports Federation (CYSF). On 29th November, 2018, the second CYSC will be taking place in Beijing.
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The “Yoga” (Hindi: योग) is derived from the Sanskrit “yug” or “yuj” in India, and its meaning is “unity”, and “harmony.” Yoga originates from ancient civilization of India.
Yoga is a holistic health system with Indian roots stretching back 5,000 years. CYSF seeks to generate awareness of Yoga in China as it relates to culture, education, and knowledge on a sporting basis.
The sport of Yoga Asana aims to further human excellence as it promotes health and well being on both the individual and universal levels.

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